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Our Computer Lab Offers an Array of Classes

  • Does the thought of "logging on" challenge your brain?
  • Do you need to brush up or enhance your computer skills for your current job or a new one?
  • Are you eager to learn how to email your family and friends?
  • Do you want to know how to "surf the net" or set up a spreadsheet?
  • Do you want to show your kids a thing or two?

Then the Computer Lab at the Linda & Rudy Slucker NCJW Center for Women is the place for you! We offer small classes with one-on-one coaching. Choose from a wide variety of courses, including Introduction to Windows, Email and the Internet, Intro and Intermediate WORD, basic and intermediate EXCEL, POWERPOINT and QuickBooks.

Who are our students?

  • Women who are entering or reentering the workplace
  • Women who want to help their children with homework
  • Women who want to volunteer for an organization
  • Women who just want to learn for their own enjoyment and satisfaction

We've helped them all!

Learn all you need to know to enter the workforce or for your own personal use.

  • Master basic computer skills
  • Surf the Internet
  • Send Emails with attachments
  • Create resumes and invitations
  • Set up budgets and spreadsheets
  • Create slide presentations for the office or a social gathering
  • Manage your small business or home financial accounts

Computer training is available for all skill levels in small classes. There is no charge for our Displaced Homemaker clients. Fee $85 for each class. Inquire about eligibility for reduced fees. Computer training is available to all women.


Become familiar with computer terminology. Learn to create E-mail, reply to E-mails and forward E-mails; create and maintain your address book; send E-mails with attachments. Surf the net and learn about important websites.

    Dates to be Determined

Learn to use the word processor Microsoft WORD. Become familiar with all the icons on the tool bar and the items on the menu bar so that you will be able to create and save documents, move & copy text, set margins and reformat, etc. Pre-requisite: Intro to Windows or previous experience.

Topics covered include mail merge, templates, styles, tables, headers, footers, tabs, etc. Pre-requisite: Intro to WORD or WORD experience.

    Dates to be Determined

Learn to use the spreadsheet program, Microsoft EXCEL. Gain knowledge of creating, editing and formatting worksheets; entering and editing data and text; performing calculations; creating and copying formulas, etc. Pre-requisite: Intro to WORD or WORD experience.

Become more proficient in the use of EXCEL. Topics covered include data base capabilities, more advanced calculations, and graphs. Pre-requisite: Basic EXCEL or EXCEL experience.

    Dates to be Determined

Using Microsoft PowerPoint, learn how to create slide presentations. Be creative and add animation, sound and graphics. Pre-requisite: Intro to WORD or WORD experience.

Learn to use this financial software to help manage your small business or home in an organized, efficient way. Pre-requisite: Familiarity with accounting terminology and principles; computer literate.

    Dates to be determined

Build the skills you need to use Outlook which integrates email, address books and calendars in one place. Pre-requisite: Intro to WORD or WORD experience

    Dates to be Determined

If you do not see what you are looking for, please let us know. We are always forming new classes.