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Internship Programs

"As a student studying issues affecting women in the work force, my experience at NCJW's Center for Women was invaluable. Interacting with the very women that were the subject of my research gave me insight to their life and work histories that I never could have gotten otherwise"

    Lisa (Graduate Student)

""I didn't have much in the way of 'work experience' when I first started my internship at NCJW. I wasn't sure what to expect. But I can honestly say that I have never felt more comfortable or accepted in my life. The NCJW office is a really warm caring place, one where the women truly care about each other and the larger community. My experience taught me how to work well under pressure, become more organized, and how to function in an office setting. I also was able to participate in and help with activities to benefit local women and families and was touched by the gratitude that they expressed to NCJW. I'd encourage any woman looking for a positive work experience to consider NCJW. It will feel more like home before you know it."

    Anne (High School Student)

NCJW has internship programs available to high school, undergraduate and graduate students. Summer programs are also available.

We have many opportunities for students interested in learning about the workings of a non-profit that focuses on community service and women's issues. The Center for Women provides our clients with job readiness skills needed to enter the workforce. The Center provides assistance with many issues women face including peer support groups, computer classes, legal and financial guidance, job readiness skills and search strategies etc. NCJW developed and maintains the Volunteer Network and many educational, advocacy, community service programs, social and fundraising events throughout the year.

Interns have an opportunity to select their areas of interest and focus on learning the skills that will apply to them. In the past our interns have worked on marketing programs, database development, client relations, volunteer management, focus groups, support groups, event planning, outreach programming and more.

We require a minimum of one day a week in the office and can accommodate more. NCJW will submit all necessary paperwork for independent studies, internship and community service credits. Our budget does not allow us to pay interns for their service.

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Please contact Stefanie Shapiro to apply for an internship position.
Email:, submit your resume for review or call 973-740-0588 ext. 12.