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Success Stories

Here is what our clients have to say...

Please accept my thanks and gratitude for the support and guidance I have received in these past few months from the Center for Women. People come into our lives when they are needed and we are not always sure of their purpose. I am forever grateful to have landed on the doorstep of your organization as it held me up when I did not think I could stand any longer. The Center has lifted my spirits and validated for me, my worthiness and sameness of so many in similar situations. My connection to your organization has provided a bridge to other positive avenues, the most recent being attendance at Rutgers University on the Tuition Waiver program.

The Center provided a place, resources and counseling for me at a time when I was still reeling from the shock of having been laid off and unable to secure satisfying work. I needed place holders in my schedule to facilitate taking the necessary steps as I moved through the grief process during this uncertain time in my life which was kicked off by the loss of job last year; the Center provided the place holders, every week; a reason to get out of bed.

I was impressed at the warm and welcoming nature of the associates working at the Center. Wow, someone was glad to see me. Instrumental in this journey were my regular visits where we brainstormed a multitude of ideas for moving forward in my life.

I participated in the PowerPoint classes and the LinkedIn seminar offered at the Center which I found to be valuable and hope to use in my next position. I continually recommend the Center to others as a place to reach out for assistance with career counseling, networking, navigating some social service organizations.

I look forward to future opportunities to work with the Center and give back to an organization that does so much for so many.

I am so happy I found the Center for Women. You made me feel so comfortable and the amount of help you are offering is overwhelming and so comforting. I was feeling so alone and against it all with the many trials and tribulations I have been going through these past two months between loss of a job, mate, mortgage and almost a home you gave me hope and faith. I never felt as good as I did when leaving your Livingston office yesterday afternoon. I now have a support system with two super women who will help me in my job search and career development. I can't tell you what that means to me and how good it feels.

Thanks for the peace of mind you have given me.

I couldn't let this year end without wishing everyone at the Center for Women a Happy New Year and a safe holiday driving if you have to be on the road- for we need the Center for Women and the dedicated women who work there and who go above and beyond the scope of their job responsibilities to help other women who are going through tough times in their lives. When I was without a job, and going through tough times in my life, which had also affected my family and the relationships with my family.

  1. Your agency was there with a smile.
  2. Giving me the courage to go forward and not to give up.
  3. Sending out my resume to help me get a job.
  4. Giving me interviewing techniques
  5. Calling me after my interviews to find out how the interview went.
  6. Even when I didn't have an interview, the phone calls from you ladies to ask if I was okay and how am I doing.
  7. Getting me involved in the workshops at the Center for Women.
  8. Because during those times it was difficult to talk to family members because of the stress we were under. Thank you ... for listening to me about my concerns.
  9. For your prayers.
  10. For your dedication, your hard work, and for each and every women at your office who really cares - it truly is not just a job for the women at the Center for Women and we are so very fortunate to have this-May the Center for Women be around forever.