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Training Descriptions For Volunteer Positions


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Volunteer for NCJW - Ongoing Opportunities

LAW Administrator is the volunteer representative of the NCJW Center for Women who welcomes the clients and the volunteer attorneys when they meet at the Center for their 30 minute individual consultations. This is an evening volunteer position. You will be scheduled to volunteer on specific Tuesdays from 6:15-8:45 pm.Training for this position should take one or two sessions and is done on the job on Tuesday evenings from 6:15 to 8:45 pm with an experienced LAW Administrator. You will be taught how to enter the building, retrieve phone messages, and complete paperwork.

Teen Dating Abuse Assistants and Presenters are the trained volunteers who go into the high school classes in suburban Essex County to make teens aware of the signs of abuse in a relationship by presenting our program. The goal is to educate the teens early so we can help avoid domestic violence in the future.

Classroom presentations are done by a presenter and an assistant in pairs. After completing the training you are asked to sign up for a minimum of two high schools per year. The class schedules are planned months in advance, providing adequate time to reserve the times that work for you.

Training consists of 2 parts. The first part is the Assistant training which is a 2 hour training held on one day. It will outline the program and enable you to assist a fully trained Presenter in the classroom. You can stop here if you like, or go on to become a Presenter by participating in an additional 7 ½ hours. Presenter training which is held on 3 consecutive mornings. In addition to these sessions, you will be required to do mock presentations which consist of an additional 4 half days to be sure that you are fully prepared to present the program.

Women's Workshop Assistants are the volunteer representatives of the NCJW Center for Women who welcome the speakers and the attendees to our Wednesday evening seminars. This is an evening volunteer position. You will be scheduled to volunteer on specific Wednesdays from 6:45-9:30pm. Training for this position should take one or two sessions and is done on the job on Wednesday evenings from 6:45 to 9:30 pm with an experienced Workshop Assistant. You will be taught how to enter the building, welcome the attendees, collect any fees and complete paperwork.

Front Desk Intake Administrators are the "first contacts" for women who are calling the Center to register for the various programs. The work in this daytime position is varied and rewarding. You should be a good listener, non-judgmental and be able to multi-task. These positions are weekly and during a specified time-slot that works with your schedule. Training for this position will be done on the job. You will learn about all the programs the Center offers and the registration procedures.

Peer Support Facilitators are volunteers who oversee our peer support groups (with a co-facilitator) and make them run effectively. We bring women together who have similar life circumstances and are experiencing normal but sometimes frustrating, confusing or distressing situations. This training does not guarantee becoming a facilitator, there are many evaluation points throughout the training that determine which participants become facilitators. There is a nine session evening training that will prepare you to facilitate these groups. You will learn group dynamics and listening skills as part of this training and practice through role playing so that you have the expertise necessary for the job. A professional degree is not required.

Rainbows Facilitators are volunteers who guide children through the 10 week Rainbows peer support program. These children are grieving a loss from separation, divorce, death, abandonment or other painful transitions. To qualify for this volunteer position you need to have experience as a teacher, have an advanced degree in social work, counseling or psychology or have prior Center for Women Peer Support training. Rainbows meets at our offices on specified Monday nights from 5:30-6;30. The ten session program is run twice a year. Volunteers are asked to participate in at least one 10 week session per year. The training will involve one half day training at the Center for Women plus some additional online training.

Peer Support Supervisors are volunteers with advanced degrees in counseling, psychology or social work who also have clinical experience. The supervision will take place through telephone conference calls that are placed after each of their six session group. A half-day training will prepare you to periodically supervise our Peer Support Facilitators.

Current Events Facilitators are volunteers who enjoy working with older adults and are interested in current events. Volunteers lead this twice monthly current events discussion group at a senior center in West Orange or South Orange. These sessions meet on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Training will take place by participating in an existing group with a trained facilitator.

Personal Shoppers for Career Closet are volunteers who are interested in fashion and would enjoy coordinating business appropriate outfits for women who are entering or re-entering the workforce. Volunteers help these women who come by appointment to our Career Closet in Montclair. Volunteer schedules are arranged months in advance according to your availability. We will provide a short on the job training.